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Cornwall Vacuum Tanks
Cornwall Vacuum Tanks
Standard Vacuum Tankers

For a superior range of vacuum tanks, you need not look any further than the Conor range. Their exceptional quality and value, matched with the highest standards to ensure long life are unrivalled throughout the agricultural market.

Each vacuum tank is produced by skilled workmanship and top quality materials, based on many years of trade knowledge. All Conor tanks are sold mounted to a strong chassis, and are constructed from 6mm thick sheets of steel. The tank is then strengthened and made robust with the addition of internal implosion rings. This not only provides excellent strength, but increases the durability from ongoing use.

Finally, the tanks are coated with a innovative painting system which features a combination of heat and hardening agents. This trademark feature of Conor machinery gives a superior finish to all their tanks.

Optional Extras

Conor are well known in the agricultural trade for their constant development and improvement of their machinery. Their large range of vacuum tank optional extras ensure your product is used for years to come.

Cornwall Vacuum Tanks
  Vacuum Tanks Cornwall   Vacuum Tankers Cornwall  
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Vacuum Tankers Cornwall Handbrake Vacuum Tankers Cornwall Hydraulic Operated Discharge
Vacuum Tankers Cornwall Lights Vacuum Tankers Cornwall 8000 Litre pump
Vacuum Tankers Cornwall Brakes Vacuum Tankers Cornwall 1 Fill point (+2 blanked off fill points)
Vacuum Tankers Cornwall 15' Suction Hose Vacuum Tankers Cornwall 1 wash down point

Features Specification

Model 1100 1350 1600 1850 2000
Capacity 1100 Gallons 1350 Gallons 1600 Gallons 1850 Gallons 2100 Gallons
Standard Wheel 550/60 x 22.5 550/60 x 22.5 550/60 x 22.5 21.3 R24 21.3 R24
Wheel Options BN3 Russians,
21.3 R24, 23.1 R26
BN3 Russians,
21.3 R24, 23.1 R26
BN3 Russians,
21.3 R24, 23.1 R26
BN3 Russians,
23.1 R26
Bn3 Russains,
23.1 R26
Pump Capacity 8000 litre 8000 litre 8000 litre 8000 litre 8000 litre
Hose Length 15 foot 15 foot 15 foot 15 foot 20 foot
Sprung Drawbar No No No No No
Cylinder Length   11'2" 13'4"   4.56 mtr/15'
Cylinder Diameter 54" 60" 60" 60" 66"
Wheel Centre to Hitch   4.03 mtr/ 4.57 mtr/ 15'   4.88 mtr/ 16'





  Vaccum Tanks Cornwall Vacuum Tanks Cornwall Vacuum Tanks Cornwall Cornwall Vaccum Tanks  
  Standard Tankers
  Recessed Tankers
  Trailing Shoe
  Optional Extras
  Vacuum Tankers Cornwall   Vacuum Tankers Cornwall   Vacuum Tanks Cornwall   Cornwall Vacuum Tanks  

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