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Suzuki led the way in quads back in the early eighties, with the first production four wheel drive ATV and they have been at the forefront of the industry ever since. The current crop of Suzuki utility ATVs designed in the knowledged that many industries rely on them. With the perfect balance of speed, strength and the ability to go almost anywhere, Suzuki ATVs have a quarter of a century of heritage, time during which the engineers have perfected their art.
The KingQuad was first released in the early nineties and has stuck to the same formula of a large engine, excellent transmission and fully independent suspension throughout its development. There are several sizes of KingQuad, from 400 up to 750. The largest has a 722cc engine the gives the Suzuki KingQuad an incredible power to weight ratio. Liquid cooling and fuel injection the engine is situated low down in the chassis and tilted at a sharp angle. This gives the KingQuad the typical Suzuki ride, of smooth and stable, even in tricky situations.


  Suzuki ATV Devon

Cornish Tractors are authorised dealers for Suzuki utility quads across Devon and Cornwall, allowing us to provide you with all of the service and support that you need, should you need it.

On top of delivering highly responsive engine performance, the Suzuki fuel injection system in the KingQuad provides reliable cold starting and improves fuel efficiency. All of the KingQuad range feature fully independent suspension both front and rear. This means that you have all four wheels on the ground as much as possible, giving you the best traction and comfort. The shock absorbers are adjustable to five different preload settings and are field-adjustable. The new models in the range feature a full LCD readout, giving clear and accurate information to you.

kingquad cornwall devon atv All of the KingQuads feature Suzuki's advanced engine braking system, giving you excellent control and improving safety, as well as reducing brake wear. The whole KingQuad range are built for power, with even the smallest in the range, the 400, having plenty of power for most farm and estate work, but if you need that extra power, there are the 450, 500 and 750 models. Suzuki use their own specially designed tyres, which coupled with the permanent four-wheel drive and excellent transmission will handle virtually anything you can throw at it.

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