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Yamaha ATVs Devon   Power on demand - Unparalleled ride comfort - Exceptional control - Superb braking - Ease of use

Exeter Yamaha ATV Devon

Yamaha Utility ATVs are built to handle like a dream.

Cornish Tractors are registered dealers for Yamaha ATVs, the perfect range of utility vehicles for agricultural, estate management and forestry work, as well countless other applications.

Contact us today about the wide range of Grizzly quads and how you can benefit from these tough, powerful ATVs.

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  Exeter Yamaha ATV Devon

With adjustable suspension as standard on the Grizzly range, you can be sure of being able to set the ATV up to drive the way you want it to. To ensure that you aren't bounced out of the saddle Yamaha have fitted long-travel front suspension. For exceptional steering, even over rough terrain, there are double A-arms linking the front wheels to the chassis. With independent movement on each wheel you are ensured optimum control of the steering over tough terrain.

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The rear suspension is independent as well on 4WD models. Although the 2WD models share a common axle, there is still plenty of travel in the suspension to compensate for rough terrain. The 4WD ATVs in the Grilly range are built to cope with extreme terrain and the Independent Rear Suspension system (IRS) gives each wheel the freedom to move. So not only does it smooth out the ride for greater comfort regardless of the bumps and dips you throw it over, you are also provided with improved traction even in difficult conditions.

Yamaha have added their own Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system to the Grizzly range of ATVs, reducing the effort of steering by a considerable amount. It also keeps you in control of the ATV by dampening the kickback when hitting bumps or stones. The EPS system is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) dedicated to measuring the force you are applying to the steering and then reading the resistance being experienced by the tyres and vehicles speed. This is calculated within milliseconds and the right amount of power to an electric motor which controls the steering column. You may never even realise that the EPS is doing its job, apart from the fact that controlling the machine is surprisingly comfortable and requires less strength to keep it travelling in a straight line over rough ground.

Five good reasons to get a Yamaha ATV:

Power on demand - Unparalleled ride comfort - Exceptional control - Superb braking - Ease of use

Exeter Yamaha ATV

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