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Developed from years of research, the Conor Trailing Shoe System combines both practical design and innovative features to offer a unrivalled piece of machinery. The tank itself is manufactured with a robust chassis to allow operation in all types of agricultural terrain, while the trailing shoe and axle are positoned as closely as possible to provide the balance and manueuverability needed in all given situations.

Features on the trailing shoe, such as the powerful hydraulic macerator and fully galvanized body really places this piece of machinery at the top of its range. It's main working width range provides precise use from 5 to 9 metres and it maintains a transport width of 2.55 metres. To maintain constant pressure on the ground at all times, the shoe is fitted with hard wearing parts and plated springs which allow the machinery to ensure the slurry is constantly applied directly onto the soil.

The innovative trailing shoe system has been proven to greatly increase grass yield due to an increased utilization of nitrogen and it allows for application of slurry on higher grass. As well as this, it allows grazing 3-4 days after spreading.

Optional Extras

Conor also offer a range of optional extras for your individual needs, allowing your tank to be used for many years to come.

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  Vacuum Tankers Cornwall   Vacuum Tankers Cornwall   Vacuum Tanks Cornwall   Cornwall Vacuum Tanks  

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